BCC2020 has ended
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Registration closed July 15.

BCC2020 is online, global, and affordable. The meeting and training are now done, and the CoFest is under way.

The 2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference brings together the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) and the Galaxy Community Conference into a single event featuring training, a meeting, and a CollaborationFest. Events run from July 17 through July 25, and is held in both the eastern and western hemispheres.


Bala Desinghu

Office of Advanced Research Computing
Senior Scientist
New Jersey
Friday, July 17

09:00 EDT

09:01 EDT

12:15 EDT

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15:30 EDT

15:31 EDT

Saturday, July 18

09:01 EDT

12:16 EDT

15:31 EDT

Sunday, July 19

10:00 EDT

11:30 EDT

11:31 EDT

11:45 EDT

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Broad Institute Data Sciences Platform Sponsor Table JointGeraldine Van der Auwera eLife Innovation Sponsor Table JointEmmy Tsang P1-03: : A somatic variant-calling pipeline for the support of molecular tumor boards at German university hospitals 🍐 JointWolfgang Maier • Patrick Metzger P1-07: : Automating the annotation of biological data through semantic technologies and machine learning 🍐 JointLorcán Pigott-Dix P1-08: : BioThings Explorer: A platform for distributed knowledge integration across biomedical APIs 🍐 JointJiwen Xin P1-10: : BLAST in a container 🍐 JointTom Madden P2-10: : Deploying Galaxy workflows in containers 🌀 JointBert Droesbeke P3-01: : Earth System Modelling and data analysis with Galaxy Climate Science Workbench 🌀 JointAnne Fouilloux P3-04: : Enabling computational workflows with Tripal and Galaxy 🌀 JointSean Buehler P3-09: : Exploring chromatogram library-based data independent acquisition analysis using EncyclopeDIA within Galaxy framework 🌀 JointPratik Jagtap P3-10: : Extensions of READemption for the analysis of several RNA-seq based protocols 🍐 JointTill Sauerwein P3-12: : Full-factorial examination of high-throughput microbiome sequencing workflows from sample preparation to bioinformatic analysis 🍐 JointTravis J. De Wolfe P4-06: : GraphClust2: a galaxy-based solution for clustering RNA sequences to discover conserved and common secondary structures 🌀 JointMilad Miladi P4-07: : GVL Demo: from Administrators to End-users 🌀 JointNuwan Goonasekera P5-04: : Magic-BLAST an accurate RNA-seq mapper 🍐 JointGrzegorz Boratyn P5-07: : Open-Source, Large-Scale Set Similarity Search with Sketch 🍐 JointDaniel Baker P5-10: : Planet Microbe: Toward the reintegration of oceanographic ‘omics dataset in their environmental and physiochemical context 🍐 JointAlise Jany Ponsero P5-12: : Progerin expression induces a significant downregulation of transcription from human repetitive sequences in iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons 🌀 JointWalter Arancio P6-01: : pyGenomeTracks: Reproducible plots for multivariate genomic data sets 🍐 JointLucille Delisle P6-02: : Reproducible, collaborative and exploratory data analysis using CyVerse VICE 🍐 JointReetu Tuteja P6-03: : Running and sharing the ENCODE atac-seq pipeline on Truwl 🍐 JointKarl Sebby P6-04: : SigBio-Shiny: A standalone interactive application for detecting biological significance on a set of genes 🍐 JointSangram Keshari Sahu P6-08: : Targeted nanopore sequencing by real-time mapping of raw electrical signal with UNCALLED 🍐 JointSam Kovaka
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